About Filterra Bioretention Systems

The Filterra Bioretention Systems was developed by its parent company, Americast, in 2000. Founded in 1946 by Bill Galt and Wilson McNeely, Jr., Americast is an independently-owned precast concrete and reinforced concrete pipe manufacturer, offering a broad range of products and services throughout the U.S. For the past 15 years, Americast has been in the forefront of designing, manufacturing and distributing various sanitary and stormwater treatment systems to meet their clients’ regulatory requirements.  From that experience, Filterra Bioretention Systems was developed and has quickly become recognized as a state-of-the-art stormwater solution in advanced bioretention treatment technology.

In 2000, Americast partnered with Larry Coffman to develop and patent the Filterra Stormwater Bioretention Filtration System. Larry Coffman, a renowned stormwater innovator, has over 33 years experience with planning and stormwater permitting in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and is nationally known as the pioneer and developer of the Low Impact Development (LID) concept. Low Impact Development is a decentralized approach to stormwater management. Filterra Bioretention Systems model this approach because it controls stormwater runoff at the source, leaves a small footprint, is cost-effective, uses natural treatment processes and is aesthetically appealing.

Filterra Bioretention Systems offers stormwater treatment technologies that optimize bioretention technology for enhanced pollutant removal. Extensive lab and field monitoring has made Filterra the state-of-the-art technology in stormwater treatment and the urban solution to Low Impact Development.

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